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What is Studio Manager and how does it work?

Studio manager consists of a separate administration web site where you and your staff can manage bookings, customer data, run reports and set up your studios rooms, booking types and other features you wish to enable.

You can choose to run studio manager only if you do not wish to accept online bookings.

If however you do wish to accept online bookings, then you will also get access to a dedicated customer booking website under a dedicated URL that you can link to via your existing website, Facebook Page and other social media platforms for example.

You can view the complete list of features below or view some Studio Manager product screen shots in the support section.

Try studio manager and see how it works for your studio

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Studio Manager - Detailed features

Customer Booking Site

  • Search
    • Easy one step search for availability
    • 7 day availability calendar to simplify customer experience and encourage multiple bookings
    • Depending on set up, Customers can choose a start time for given booking types
    • Booking slot waiting list - email notification if a slot becomes available
  • E-commerce Functionality
    • Intuitive basket functionality
    • Purchase gift vouchers
    • Apply discount vouchers at checkout
    • Apply gift vouchers at checkout
    • Email notification of booking
  • Payment Gateways
    • Built to support the following payment gateways but if you need one that is not listed, we will integrate it into the solution
    • Integrated solutions - your customer stays on your booking site
      • Pay Pal Business Pro
      • Stripe
      • First Data
    • Hosted Payment solutions - your customer leaves the site to make the payment but is returned once complete
      • World Pay
      • Card Save By World Pay
      • Pay Pal Express Checkout
      • First Data
  • Customer Profiles
    • Customer account and profile page showing previous and future bookings
    • View and manage any booking slot waiting lists
    • Sign in with site account or Facebook account
  • Band Profiles
    • Allow customers to create a band against their profile
    • Add other members to the band
    • Send notifications to band members when a booking has been made
  • Branding
    • You provide the design assets and we will brand the booking site to meet your needs
    • If you need design assistance then we are happy to help here too
    • Site can run under our web address or under a sub domain of your existing web address (ssl certificates would be required for this option)
  • Google Analytics Integration
    • We will ensure your web stats are set up and are reporting the information you need to make key marketing decisions that affect your site
  • Responsive design
    • This product will work on all device screen sizes so your customers will always be able to book
    • Depending on the chosen payment gateway and its available integration methods, some responsive features may be out of our control

Administration Site

  • Calendars
    • Daily, weekly & monthly views of your bookings
    • Intuitive calendar design to let you view outstanding payments, see customer and band names and edit or create a booking.
    • View waiting lists for each booking slot
    • See if the booking contains more than a single booking slot
    • See bookings created instantly from the customer booking site
  • Booking Admin
    • Create recurring bookings
    • Predictive search to help you find a customer to add to a booking
    • Add payments (cash, card, third party voucher)
    • Refund a booking (cash, card, refund voucher)
    • Void payments
    • Cancel a booking
  • Home page
    • Customisable home page to allow you to choose the relevant tools and information you want to see
    • Predictive search from your home page to easily find a booking or a customer record
  • Discounts & Vouchers
    • Company discounts
    • Web discount voucher codes
    • Purchasable voucher codes
    • Third party voucher code support (combined discount and pre-paid vouchers) *
    • All vouchers and discounts can be set up to have multiple booking rules and can also be percentage based or fixed value discounts
    • Time and day based discounts (e.g. 2 for 1 only on Monday's and for slots that start before 12pm)
  • Room Admin
    • Add and remove rooms
    • Link rooms together (e.g. if a rehearsal is booked into room 1 then no recording can take place in the main studio)
    • Enable or disable web bookings for each room
    • Add in as many booking types as you need (e.g. rehearsal, tuition, half day recording)
    • Quick set up for weekly slot patterns for all booking types
    • Add as many booking types to each room as you need - maximise your online booking potential
    • Booking slot value based on fixed rate or hourly rate
    • Different booking slot values supported for each room
    • Full payment, no payment or deposit payment amounts supported
    • Easy calendar view of each room's weekly booking pattern to aid setting up your studios before allowing web booking
  • Reports
    • A full suite of reports to enable you to keep an eye on your business
    • Bookings summary
    • Customer summary
    • Payment summary
    • Discount voucher summary
    • Purchased voucher summary
  • Customers
    • View customers in a quick A-Z list view
    • Barred customers list view
  • Custom booking forms
    • Ask your customers to complete a detailed booking form as part of the checkout process
    • Get these defined and set up as part of your implementation project **
  • Non bookable days
    • Add in non-bookable days where you know your business will be closed to prevent on line booking
    • Add in non-bookable days by booking type (e.g. your engineer is on holiday but you can still take rehearsal bookings)
  • Email Logs
    • View actual customer emails that have been sent as part of the booking process.
  • Export to PDF and Excel
    • All data exportable to PDF or excel.
  • Security
    • Set up and add new users
    • Role based security to ensure your users only see and control what they need to
  • * Functionality scheduled for release
  • ** A fee will be charged for this service