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Version 4 Release

Release Date: March 2023

Release Status: Stable


Items contained within this release.


Bookings, Customers, Quotes and Reports have now been moved to a new mobile friendly top page navigation.  This means when you log in you can access the commonly required features quickly.  It also means the whole page is now available for viewing larger items like the calendars and tables of data. 


In order to access your system settings, you can click the settings icon in the top navigation bar to reveal the menu items.  These will all be familiar to you along with a few new options if you have the necessary permissions. 


For the first time in Studio Managers history, it is now possible to upload images to certain features.  This work has been carried out in readiness for several new features that will be coming very soon. 


It is now possible to change your customer email brand settings like font size, colours and email header images via the new Studio Manager Brand Settings tasks. 


Products can now be added together to form product packages.  This offers a great way to organise your offerings and also provide the opportunity to give your customers a discount if they purchase more products in one booking. 


You can now manage product categories and create your own custom hierarchy of these.  Again, most of this work has been completed in readiness for other new features that are coming soon. These categories can be added to both product packages and individual products. 


Work is continuing on the embeddable widgets. The quote widgets are included in this release as a beta version. Installation and usage guides will follow shortly for this new feature – you will also be able to configure and test these from within Studio Manager before embedding them on your own site. 


Work has been carried out to improve usability around buttons within Studio Manager.  After receiving some valuable feedback, it was decided to move back towards dedicated colours for certain buttons and also to introduce icons where appropriate.  This work is always ongoing and if you have any feedback then please drop me a line.