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Frequently asked questions

If you still can't find what your looking for get in touch - we are here to help.

Studio manager is an online booking administration website for your rehearsal and recording studio.

Along with this is a stand alone customer booking web site so you can offer online bookings to your customers.

If you choose to enable online customer booking then your customer booking site will be styled and configured for you.

To integrate to your existing website you simply need to add a book now button to any relevant pages throughout your site that links to your stand alone customer booking site.

You will be supplied the relevant url's during the set up process.

It really is that easy!

Studio managers fee is based on the number of rooms you have in your studio.

It can be paid for monthly or yearly in advance.

Other fees include:

  • One off fee of £30 pounds - this covers styling of your stand alone customer website and other set up tasks
  • SSL purchase - it is only necessary to pay this if you want to have your own domain set up e.g  If you use our standard url structure of then there is no SSL fee.
  • Domain Purchase - Like the SSL fee there is no extra charge for unless you want to have a specific domain set up
  • Payment Gateway Fees - These are the fees taken by your chosen provider for completing online card transactions

See our pricing page for more information

Integrated solutions - your customer stays on the booking site

  • Pay Pal Business Pro
  • Stripe
  • First Data

Hosted Payment solutions - your customer leaves the booking site to make the payment but is returned once complete

  • World Pay
  • Card Save By World Pay
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
  • First Data

If you do not see the payment gateway that you currently use or wish to use, then please contact us as we will be happy to add support for it.

By completing our trial access form you will be provided with all the necessary details to log in and use all the features of Studio Manager.

We are really happy to call you at a time that suits to go through it with you if you need more questions answered.

Get Trial Access Now

Studio Manager has a set URL for access.  You will be provided with this as part of your trial access request.

With regard to your stand alone customer booking site, you will be given a dedicated URL for your studio as standard.

It will follow the style

This URL assignment and associated secure certificate are all included in the price.

If you wish to have a custom URL then this can be set up for you.  A separate price would be quoted for this feature.