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Version 3.5 Release

Release Date: Feb 2023

Release Status: Stable


Items contained within this release.


This is where you have always edited and managed payments for a booking.  In order to accommodate new features this has been re-organised to allow for several new features and any future up and coming features.  If you are using a small screen monitor or laptop it will adapt to a best case scenario layout.  Please get in touch if you are having any small screen layout issues. 

The main changes to note are moving the customer details to within the booking summary tab, moving the payment history and discount voucher history to new tabs and adding in the new quote and booking form tabs.

You will see the addition of the new product tab within the main slot details tab to allow easy booking product editing. 



As some of you will know, Studio Manager supports the creation of booking forms for special cases where extra information is required to satisfy a booking. 

Historically these were edited and downloaded to PDF from a dedicated task called Booking Forms (see below for current location). 

This task will be retired and all booking forms will be editable and exportable from within the existing booking pop up screen.  This will make it easier and faster to locate these forms as they belong to the specific booking 

Any products that are added to a booking due to custom logic within a form can now be easily edited in the new product tab within the booking pop up page. 

It has never been possible to create your own booking forms without support from Maple Digital.  This is going to be provided in the next major release of Studio Manager - hopefully in the next 8 weeks. 




Studio Manager has now introduced the concept of quote forms.  Once a customer has accepted a quote, this can be turned into a booking with a single click of a button. 

It will be possible to create your own quote forms with the next major release of Studio Manager - hopefully in the next 8 weeks.

For now, if you want a quote form to be created, reach out to Maple Digital and we will be happy to assist. 




It is now possible for you to create your own additional products (e.g. snare drum hire) in Studio Manager.  These can be added to a booking from within Studio Manager. 

The following major updates are planned for this area in the next major releases of Studio Manager - as of yet there are no planned dates for these but you'll receive updates of progress when work begins 

  • Product Images (Main and Thumbnail) 
  • Product Categories 
  • Allow customers to choose products at time of online booking 
  • Inventory management (quantity and availability rules) 
  • Discount Rules 



  • Where you change your personal password has moved to the log in name you see on the top right of Studio Manager 
  • The task that used to be called Administration has been renamed to Settings and has a new icon. 
  • The task that was called Custom Form Fields (this is where you can add extra information to your booking or customer records) has now been moved to a new folder called Forms and been renamed to Additional Form Fields.  Under this folder is where you will be able to start building your own booking and quote forms in future releases. 
  • The task that used to be called Settings (where you can amend several online settings and view your email templates for example) has been renamed to Online Booking Settings
  • The existing Shop folder has been moved to the newly named Settings folder 




We are nearing completion of a set of new Html Widgets that can be embedded within any existing website to enable a different way of integrating Studio Manager. 

These will include: 

  • Availability Calendar with search filter 
  • Customer Basket 
  • Quote Request 

First to be released is the quote request widget - this will be confirmed for either v3.2 or the next release after that.  Testing is still under way for this feature.