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Groove Tunnel - Edinburgh.

Groove Tunnel took on Studio Manager in July 2014 and after some customisation work was carried out, began using it fully in August 2014.

So far Groove Tunnel have managed over 4000 individual booking slots * via Studio Manager easily and quickly.

The move from a completely paper based booking system has been extremely quick and easy for their staff with no formal training required.

The current real cost to Groove Tunnel for running Studio Manager is < 1% of total bookings revenue.*

In July of 2015 Groove tunnel moved over to start accepting customer bookings online.

Read what Rod Spark thinks of Studio Manager

I'm extremely pleased Maple Digital contacted me regarding the Studio Manager package. It has made managing my business so much easier.

As I or my staff can review or make bookings from anywhere, it makes double booking impossible which is invaluable as we deal with so many different types of recording and rehearsals.

I'm now able to spend less time on admin and more time on music and be confident that there are no admin errors.

Maple Digital are easy to work with and came to help me set things up and provide training. Any issues I've had since have been dealt with within hours with suggestions for improvements being incorporated within weeks, either for free or for a fair fee if it's been some kind of functionality that's customised for my own business.

The monthly subscription seems fair and takes the sting out of buying any kind of similar bespoke package which would cost several thousand at least.

Like I said, I'm really pleased with it.

Rod Spark - Owner - Groove Tunnel, Edinburgh

Groove Tunnel customers keep moving to booking online

  • An average increase of 3% every year in online business
  • 20% of all bookings are now made online
  • <1% of bookings are cancelled after being made online

(As at 20th Feb 2019)


Speak to the studio owner

Rod has kindly agreed to be contacted about Studio Manager if you want to speak to him directly about his experiences so far.

What did we deliver?

Groove Tunnel offer professional level recording and rehearsal facilites to musicians throughout the UK.

They also offer a fantastic party experience to their customers to give members of the public a taste of what it's like to record.

Due to the increased information that is required to fulfil party bookings, Maple Digital worked closely with Rod and his team to customise Studio Manager.

Customisations included were:

  • Dynamic Booking Forms
  • PDF generation of booking forms
  • Additional Products (e.g. Food And Drink Packages)

This customisation work underlines Maple Digital's desire to work with our customers and ensure that Studio Manager is the very best system for rehearsal and recording studios.  

Maple Digital will always strive to give you what you need to make your business run more efficiently.