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Version 2.1 latest release

Studio Manager releases

Version 2.1 Release

We listened! - Customers can choose their own start time!

You can now set up slot patterns that allow your customer to choose their own start time.  This is the first major change to the customer booking process since the product was launched.  

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June 2019

Version 2.0 Release

Major upgrade release!

Release covers several changes to Studio Manager including brand update and new calendar features.

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March 2019

Version 1.7 Release

GDPR Ready!

Release covers the changes required to ensure Studio Manager and the customer booking site are GDPR ready.

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May 2018

Version 1.6 Release

General Updates

Small enhancements and fixes

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May 2017

Version 1.5 Release

General Updates

Small enhancements and fixes

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Aug 2016

Version 1.4 Release

Customer Booking Search Filter Improvements

  • Search usability improvements in both Studio Manager and Customer Booking sites
  • Discount features updates

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Oct 2015

Version 1.3 Release

Reporting & Search Improvements

  • Reporting improvements
  • Search result updates
  • Other enhancements and fixes

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Aug 2015

Version 1.2 Release

Custom form fields

Our customers asked if they could create their own fields against a customer so they could capture their own unique data.  Due to the flexible architecture within studio Manager, we were able to offer this quickly and efficiently.

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Feb 2015

Version 1.1 Release

First major upgrade release

All of the new functionality within studio Manager v1.1 was added due to the fantastic feedback of our customers.

Maple Digitals single aim is to create the best platform for UK studios to manage their bookings.  We are achieving this by listening to our customers and acting upon their requests.

Cancellation types, new home page widgets and improved usability on several controls are just a few of the changes made.

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Dec 2014

Version 1.01 Release

Third party voucher support coming in September.

Working in close partnership with our clients we have introduced the ability to allow your customers to enter in third party voucher codes during the checkout process.

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Sept 2014

Version 1.0 Release

Studio Manager - It's ready

It has been a very busy time at Maple Digital but we are pleased to announce that studio Manager version 1.0 is now released.

For a demo access please click here

For questions please contact us

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May 2014